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The layout of a decorating department is one of the most vital elements to ensure optimum operating efficiency and the smooth flow of products through the department.

Our service includes the design and/or supply of new plant or the redesigning of an existing decorating department to improve workflow and/or include additional/replacement equipment.

Plant designs will take into account utilisation of existing space, location of services, fixtures and access, machine size, required working area, storage/transit areas, the location of screen making facilities and offices and the availability of funds.

The Plant Design Service also includes the design of the screen preparation area which includes the screen room and darkroom. This area is designed to accommodate all key items of screen and artwork preparation equipment and also includes advice on fixtures and fittings and work flow within the area.

Installation and commissioning of equipment would be supervised by G G Cade technical staff and the training of operatives and supervisory staff can also be included.

We also offer advice on the supply of ancillary equipment and consumables which will be selected for their cost-effectiveness and ability to achieve optimum results.

Through close liaison, identifying precise needs and ensuring that products meet the customer’s technical, manufacturing and financial requirements, our Plant Design Service offers a unique facility to the glass decorator.